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Semi-Truck Accidents

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Have you lost a loved one due to a semi-truck involved accident? Every year in the United States approximately 5,000 people die in passenger vehicles in auto accidents involving semi-trucks. The sheer size of the semi-truck on the road and the collision weight and power is a recipe for a disaster when involved in an accident. 

Call Tom Holbird, P.C. today and together you can fight for a wrongful death claim. Fight for justice on your loved one's behalf. 

Semi-truck wrongful death

Whether the accident involved the semi-truck driver driving with a lack of experience, driving reckless or distracted, or was experiencing driver fatigue - you deserve justice and the right to file a wrongful death claim for your family member or loved one. Attorney Tom Holbird, P.C. has a track record of fighting wrongful death claims in the Woodstock,Ga area and the entire greater Atlanta, GA area. Call today and gain the justice your loved one deserves with Tom Holbird, P.C.